Works of Park Road and RJ-163 RJ-151 began: with completion scheduled for December 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
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On 28.Decembro 2009 officially began work on the park road, with 12 months to end in 2010.

The mayors of the region signed the contract to commence the works

  • RJ-163, Chapel for Visconde de Maua, and
  • RJ-151 on the banks of Black River on the border between the states Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, between Vila da Ponte Maromba and the dogs.

The Ministry of Tourism and the State of Rio will invest $ 49 million for the paving of roads in environmentally-friendly manner, as already informed in this blog. Http:// news / asphalt-road-park.

The biggest tourist project in the country certainly will value the region of Maua, real estate, land, hotels, hostels, hotels and benefit the population.

Lacked the Governor Sergio Cabral, was represented by Vincent Loureiro, Secretary of Planning.

From January we will have a containment of slopes, the most appropriate for the season. Companies Tecnopolo Ipe and Engineering are permitted to begin work that should generate around 300 jobs and is scheduled for completion a year, but we intend to bring forward for ten months, "announced Loureiro.

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