Winter Festival of 17/07 to 02/08/2009 in Mauá

Sunday, July 19, 2009
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Four municipalities of Agulhas Negras joined to hold a festival of winter in the region, and will happen for more than two weeks, from July 17 to August 2 in the main tourist areas. The event will have the support of the Ministry of Tourism, which chose the design submitted by Conretur (Regional Council of Tourism) among over 200 that were in dispute over the country, and will pass a budget of $ 90 thousand for municipalities of Itatiaia, Resende, Quatis and Port Royal.

At the end of last week met in the Conretur Penedo, Itatiaia, the municipal councilors of tourism of Itatiaia and Resende and representative of Sebrae / RJ, Paola Tenchini to define the first actions for the achievement of the festival. According to the secretary of tourism of Itatiaia and executive secretary of Conretur, Roberta Dias de Oliveira, the Winter Festival of the Region of the Agulhas Negras was the first time in 1999, and during the next five years, has consolidated itself as a watershed event , attracting many tourists. Roberta said that in recent years the festival has received considerable attention, and now something unprecedented happened in 2009, according to her, because it is "the first time the region is organized, the Conretur enter the project in the Ministry of Tourism and the festival is included among the 25 nationally. "

The proposed Winter Festival of the Region of the Agulhas Negras is investing in cultural attractions in all its destinations, with presentations of dance, music, theater, arts and crafts fair, food and appreciation of local and regional artists, attracting both tourists as their local community. Paola Tenchini, who also is director of technical Conretur, emphasizes that the festival aims to ensure that the region of the Agulhas Negras is recognized in Brazil as a tourist destination of mountain, with specific settings characterizing the winter as a theme to attract tourists.

The Conretur also informed that it will hire a company to act in the areas of infrastructure and distribution of the Winter Festival of the Region of the Agulhas Negras, in addition to seeking the support of mayors of four cities, to contribute on key issues such as security and provision of electricity, among other things.

It was also decided that each of the four cities will organize and list the attractions you wish to disclose the festival. Now the Conretur gathers all of the suggestions to develop and define the schedule of presentations, with days and locations. According to Roberta de Oliveira, the fact that the festival is a project selected by the Ministry of Tourism and Conretur meeting with Sebrae / RJ, with municipal councils, shows how the region is organized and whether professional, seeking partnerships for the city places do not have to bear the costs of an event of this size, it will attract many tourists and promote tourism development in the region.

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