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• Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Visconde de Mauá will first road-park of the State

Estrada Capelinha - Mauá, verde e ecologicamente correta

Chapel Road - Mauá, green and ecologically correct

21/5/2009 - 9:24 a.m.

Ascom by the Secretary of Works

The region of Visconde de Mauá will win the first road-park of the state. The Department of Works will pave the sections of RJ 163 between the Town of Chapel and Visconde de Mauá (Resende) and RJ 151 between the towns of Maromba (Itatiaia) and Bridge of Dogs (Resende). The 20 miles of mountains have Acosta, viewpoints, a visitor center, walkways along the canopy of trees and subways to the crossing of animals and asphalt-based polymers, considered ecologically correct to cause less impact, and provide more adhesion of tires to the ground giving more security to the drivers.

The maximum speed of vehicles should be around 40 kilometers per hour, and will not be allowed to truck traffic of heavy loads on the weekends.

The investments of approximately $ 15 million is for federal and state governments, from the Tourism Development Program (Prodetur). The project already has EIA / RIMA - study and report on environmental impact - and the work should begin in July, ie about 45 days after conducting a public hearing, with forecast for the next month.

Estrada Parque Capelinha - Visconde de Mauá conforme Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Chapel Road Park - Visconde de Mauá as the State Government of Rio de Janeiro

- Tourism is a major source of revenue for our state, which is the first tourist destination in the country. The region of Visconde de Mauá, one of the most beautiful of the River, suffers from problems of accessibility. We can not accept the difficulty of access as a way to preserve the place. How many people, for example, lost its shock absorbers for cars to go to and how Mauá stopped back there because of difficulties like this? Preserving means implement sanitation and urban setting criteria, and not to create difficulties. The road will be paved with environmental concern, that is, within the concept of road-park, characterized by the creation of spaces for leisure and contemplation of nature, preservation of species of native flora and fauna. It is an innovative project, and the tourism sector will gain much from these works - says the vice-governor and secretary of Works, Luiz Fernando Peza.

According Peza, the road-park project followed the principles defined by a detailed analysis. We studied, over his journey, for example, water courses and drainage structures, the bridges over the Rio Roncador, small sources, the location of passages for animals and topography.

Also according to Secretary of Works, calls "zoopassagens" form a very special feature of the road-park. The ground will be formed by concrete blocks of pre-made and responsible for the safe passage of animals. The "zoopassagens" will be appropriate in its online, with careful management of stones, earth and planting. In areas of the forest and where applicable, a funnel made of plastic canvas and metal supports, with 60cm in height, will help guide the movement of wildlife to cross safely.

Already the "zoopassagens" carriers are designed to allow the flow of animals that move by trees. Will be formed by metal structure with booting screens, covered themselves by climbing the rainforest, as fresh fruit, cipó trumpet, flower of San Miguel, liana of St. John, among others, linking both sides of the road and the crowns of trees, with height ranging between 4.5 and 5 meters, forming a green corridor. The surroundings of "zoopassagens" will air reforestation, including species of rainforest fruit themselves as Arrack, Cambuí, grumixama and PITOMBO.


State invests in the paving of roads and historical tours

03/03/2007 - 12:50
Governor Sergio Cabral and the lieutenant governor and secretary of Works, Luiz Fernando Peza, announced in Paraty the paving of two roads of great tourist interest in the state. The RJ-165, a road that connects Paraty Cunha, Sao Paulo, was the former route of the gold in the first centuries of colonization. Already a RJ-163, which connects the Visconde de Mauá Penedo and RJ-151 (Maromba - Falcon) are the only access to the complex of waterfalls Maromba. In both cases the projects must be road-park, very common in Europe, allowing a better use of região.Pezão warned the mayors beginning to develop the projects of the works, so they can be started in January of next year. In the case of the connection between the Chapel until Visconde de Mauá and Maromba, resources will be the State Fund for Environmental Conservation and Urban Development - Fecam, the Department of Environment. The Secretary Carlos Minc responded to a call of former residents and wants to lead a project to collect garbage and sewage network for the region. The residents fear the contamination of rivers with the increasing number of tourists.

- This is a moment of joy for us. We plead starting work for many years. The road Paraty-Cunha, for example, more than 50 years waiting for paving. The area of Maromba is great tourist attraction, but has become difficult to access for the general population, on account of the conditions of the road, and a concern for residents, who fear that the region's water sources are contaminated with sewage. This partnership will be a gift to the community - said the vice governor.

The mayors of Resende, Silvio de Carvalho, and Itatiaia, Jair Alexandre Gonçalves, are confident in the improvements to the region with this project. For them, it will boost tourism in the area of Penedo, Itatiaia and Visconde de Mauá, generating more employment and development. The two pledged to start their studies as soon as possible, because the only road projects will be and the sewerage network, as part of Itatiaia has regional landfill that is being implemented in Resende and encouraged by state government.

- This is an area where tourism is very strong and, with these improvements, tends to strengthen further. The complex of waterfalls attracts tourists from Maromba of Brazil and the world. Even the governor of Minas Gerais, Aecio Neves, is an assiduous frequenter of the region - said Jair Gonçalves Alexandre.

Paraty in the work should be quick, since there are only 9.5 miles of asphalt, the junction of US-101 in Paraty, to the city of Cunha. The completion of the road, which is 46 kilometers in length and is fully paved in the area of São Paulo, will benefit 122 municipalities in southern Minas Gerais and São Paulo, which will have faster access to the city fluminense. The mayor of Paraty, José Carlos Porto Neto, tourism accounts for 80% of the region's economy, hence the importance of paving the road.

- These works are now coming to next year's budget. We want these projects soon in our hands, so that we can do the bidding of the work by the end of the year and start them in January 2008. This is a time for municipalities also rethink their plans tour, since both have a significant increase of visitors to the new works. Our proposal is to exploit the potential for each region and tourism is very strong in these two areas - concluded Peza.


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