Paving roads RJ-163/RJ-151 (Visconde de Mauá)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
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The pavement, the asphalt road of Mauá is getting closer. This, of course, has influence on tourism and real estate Mauá.

Further that the road project is "green" and environmentally friendly. One of the conditions was for the construction of the sewage network of Mauá to ensure that the rivers remain clean even with the additional tourist movement caused by asphalt. We have come personally to the network of pipes are placed and has been chosen and purchased the local the central processing of Maringá.

To anticipate, we suggest you contact the real estate M & M properties to buy for your inn, hotel, Chaco, farm, house or land in Mauá before prices rise. Especially inns and hotels are about to exploit the new road.

The former project of paving the RJ-163, which connects the town of Chapel - a little after Penedo - the Visconde de Mauá, it seems that finally will leave the paper. Beyond the stretch of 15.5 kilometers, which of the bid for the works already published in the Official Gazette, the RJ-151, between the towns of Maromba (Itatiaia) and Bridge of Dogs (Resende), run over 5.3 kilometers shall also be paved. Together, they should be the first road-park of the state.

RJ 163 antes de Capelinha, no trecho que já foi pavimentado
RJ 163 Chapel before, in words that have been paved

On June 6, a public hearing on the issue, and vice-governor and secretary of state works, Luiz Fernando Peza, expects that, no later than July, the paving is started.

- But I still get the work in June, to enjoy the period of drought. The plan to end is eight to ten months - puts the vice-governor.

For the construction of the road-park, was released U.S. $ 28 million Program of Development of Tourism (Prodetur) of the federal government. As estradinhas cut the Environmental Protection Area of the Serra da Mantiqueira, the design of asphalt long divided opinion. Owners of inns and residents of the region feared that with the facilitation of access, Mauá "be the victim of predatory tourism. According Peza, this picture has changed:

- We heard environmentalists and community, and 99.9% were in favor of the project

Source "Jornal O Globo" 29 May 2009: -in-viscount-de-Mauá-756094906.asp

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